The Average Cost of Catering in DFW

If you’re in the process of planning an event, you’ll soon realize how quickly the costs add up for everything you need. From event venue fees to linen rentals, everything has a price, and oftentimes, those prices can add up to a significant amount. And who could forget about the catering? The cost of catering varies depending on the services and cuisine that you choose, and if you’re planning a large event with lots of attendees, sticking to a predetermined budget is crucial. In this blog, we’ll learn about how much catering can cost in DFW as well as how different services can affect the overall cost of your event.

Catering Drop-Off Plans Work Best For Budget-Minded Event Planners

Of all the services that catering companies offer, the drop-off plan is typically the most cost-effective option for event planners. The main reason for this is that your order is delivered to your location in disposable packaging instead of serving trays, which adds to the cost of your catering order. Plus, drop-off plans don’t require you to rent silverware and drinkware, so there’s a few less expenses associated with this plan compared to traditional catering orders. Drop-off plans are perfectly suited for casual gatherings of 25-50 people, such as office parties, tailgating events, family dinners, and much more!

Full-Service Catering Costs More, But Adds Class to Any Event

If you’re looking to add a classy touch to your next event, opting for a full-service catering service is a surefire way to impress your guests! With a full-service catering package, the catering company’s staff takes care of nearly everything associated with serving your guests. From table service to bartending services and more, your guests won’t have to lift a finger at your next event–except to order another drink, of course! Full-service catering services are perfectly suited for special occasions with 50+ attendees, such as black tie dinners, retirement parties, and awards ceremonies.

Don’t Forget The Linens, Glassware, and Cutlery!

Planning your next event requires more than getting the perfect catering menu together; it also involves making your event space look perfect too! That’s why many catering companies offer linen, drinkware, and silverware rental services to help you create the perfect ambience for your event. You can rent tablecloths, glasses, and cutlery for any event, from small get-togethers to lavish banquets.

How Much Does Catering Cost in DFW?

If you were to look at a catering bill for a large event, the total cost can result in some sticker shock. Because of this, many catering companies will give you an estimate based on how much their catering services would cost per person. Of course, this estimate is affected by the type of catering service you select, how many guests you plan on entertaining, and the extras you choose, among other things. In DFW, the cost of catering an event ranges from $15 to $150 per person. Catering drop-off plans often cost the least while full-service catering packages can easily exceed $100 per person. Compiling a finalized guest list before placing your order can help you gain a more accurate estimate of what you’ll end up paying to cater your event.

At Cater Dallas, we’re here to help you create the perfect event for you and your guests. Our range of catering services are perfect for any event, large or small, upscale or casual. Our restaurant partners are here to help you create a stunning food and beverage experience that your guests are sure to love. If you choose our full-service catering package, our staff will create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for your guests to enjoy. Contact us today to start creating your dream event!