The Finest Catering for Any Event in Dallas

We are your partners for your event, making sure that it is everything you want it to be.
From New Year's Eve to Christmas

Holiday Party

We love the holidays because it means family time! Any holiday is our specialty: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Cinco de Mayo, Halloween, you name it.

Our array of restaurants have exclusive holiday menus that can be catered along with the entire restaurant menus. The sky's the limit!

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Marriage is What Brings Us Together Today


This special moment deserves a special dish. Spend some time with our chef to create your unique dining courses. We know that weddings are very personal and different to each couple. We are happy to fit into any level of catering needed.

Need the whole package? We will take care of the tables, chairs, linen, plates, food, and most importantly… the bar. We know weddings are a lot to coordinate, so we are flexible to accommodate any level of service that you need.

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Fun for the Whole Family

Family Reunion

Impress grandma with our wonderful food options from III Forks, Cool River, Silver Fox, Luckys, El Chico, and Cantina Laredo.

A full array of food types means that even the most picky of eaters will have nothing to complain about.

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Before the Big Day

Rehearsal Dinner

A wedding is a big event to plan. The rehearsal dinner can sometimes be the last plan to be made, adding even more stress to the soon-to-be happy couple.

With Cater Dallas, we offer all of the needs of this event along with an array of food options.

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A Feast Fit for a Scholar


Graduating is a great accomplishment and an intimate time for families and friends. Food helps to bring everyone together in that moment.

A graduation celebration can be a big event, and we are ready for it. Tables, chairs, linen, silverware, and everything else are at the ready for the graduation caps to be thrown in the air.

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Company Culture

Corporate Luncheon

There are so many reasons to bring catering to a corporate luncheon. Is someone getting a big promotion? Let us sneak in to celebrate alongside you!

Catering is a great way to stimulate positive company culture because everyone loves food, and we have GOOD food. We guarantee that everyone in the office will finish the day with a smile on their face.

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