Drop Off Plan

Catering to the Needs of Your Event

We can do more than just cater a dish for your event.


Depending on the type of event you're planning, the catering services that you will need will be different. For larger, more formal events such as wedding receptions and ceremonies, you should consider opting for full-service catering. However, for smaller, more casual events, creating a catering drop off plan gives you the most convenience at a more affordable price. The catering drop off plan is simple: Select the cuisine you want to serve, and our team will prepare your food and deliver it to you in convenient throwaway serving trays. Disposable utensils, plates, and napkins are included!  

Choose From 6 Unique Restaurants to Cater With

We know that every event is unique, and the cuisine that you serve at your event should make your occasion even more special. When you cater with Cater Dallas, you’ll get the opportunity to serve incredible dishes from our 6 unique restaurant brands. From the flavorful Mexican recipes of El Chico to the upscale steak and seafood of III Forks, we offer a variety of different cuisines that are sure to impress. Every dish is expertly cooked by renowned chefs from across the metroplex, and our staff prepares each dish for easy serving.

Please note, a 10% delivery fee is added to your bill when opting for our catering drop off plan. A $25 minimum is required for delivery.


Everything Is Packaged with Your Convenience In Mind

Coordinating the different aspects of your event can be difficult, but at Cater Dallas, we strive to make your event planning easier. With our drop off plans, your catering is delivered to your location by our staff, so there’s no pickup required. No matter which cuisine you choose to serve, we’ll carefully package your dishes in disposable serving trays that keep your food fresh during transit. Our throwaway trays allow for easy cleanup after your event, so there’s no need to worry about doing dishes afterwards!


We Have Your Serving Utensils and Cutlery Covered

Chances are, a good amount of people will be attending your next event, so having enough utensils for everyone is essential to ensuring that they will enjoy the catering. We provide disposable cutlery and serving utensils with every catering order; everything from forks and knives to ladles and serving tongs are covered. Also, disposable napkins are included with your catering order, so there’s one less item for you to worry about!


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