Summer Events to Cater in Dallas, TX.

friends eating at a picnic laughing during the summer season

In the hot North Texas summer, there is nothing better than a delicious meal, especially when you don’t have to cook it yourself. With all the fun-filled events happening in the summer months, it can become quite stressful having to plan for significant events. Let our team at Cater Dallas relieve some stress and bring delicious food to your doorstep.


The beginning of summer is known for the end of the school year and all the graduations to follow. From middle school to college graduations, it is a time to celebrate all the accomplishments and success of our loved ones.

With family in town and events taking place, meals are likely the last thing you want to worry about. That’s why catering is the perfect solution. Our customizable menus and diverse foods, at Cater Dallas, ensure that you and your guests have a delicious meal without any added stress.

4th of July 

From pies to fireworks, the 4th of July is everyone’s favorite summer holiday. With all your friends and family members gathering together, this day is full of events and memories. Choosing to cater your meal will allow you to fully enjoy this holiday without having to worry about cooking.

With our full-service catering or prepackaged meal option, you can enjoy your 4th of July event without having to worry about food. Plus, our partnered restaurants’ exclusive holiday menus are sure to make your event even more special. Let your 4th of July be one to remember.

fourth of july picnic

Family Reunions 

Summer is the perfect time for distant family members to gather together to reconnect. With everyone coming together, it can be difficult to feed so many people with different tastes in food. That is why our menus at Cater Dallas offer a wide variety of food types from Mexican, steak, and American. Our customizable menus will ensure that everyone is satisfied and you continue to enjoy the special time with your family.

family reunion outside at a park with Balloons.

Pool Party 

When the sun is shining and the heat comes out, there is nothing better than a pool party to cool off. And what’s a party without great food? What better way to enjoy your summer day than splashing around the pool and eating great food.

When considering hosting your next pool party, customize a refreshing menu with Cater Dallas. Sit back and enjoy as your guest will definitely be impressed with the delicious options, making your pool party the best of summer.

pool party with kids jumping into pool

Choose Cater Dallas 

With our highly trained staff and our diverse menu options, Cater Dallas is perfect for your next summer event. While enjoying the special moments, let us provide delicious meals and services to make your life easier. Contact us today to learn more about our menu options and services. Happy Summer!