A Guide to the Best Catering Services for Your Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

Cinco de Mayo is an annual celebration of Mexican heritage and culture that is celebrated on May 5th. So many people look forward to celebrating this holiday every year, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and delicious food! If you’re planning to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Dallas, Texas, consider having your event catered by Cater Dallas! Two of our catering restaurants offer authentic Mexican cuisine. Below you can find two popular Dallas-based options, El Chico Cafe and Cantina Laredo, and a highlight of some of their best dishes for catering any type of event.

A Tex-Mex Family Tradition: El Chico Cafe

El Chico Cafe has been a staple of the Dallas/Fort Worth dining scene for over 80 years. This family-owned and operated restaurant is known for its authentic Tex-Mex cuisine and welcoming atmosphere.Their catering menu includes all your favorite dishes, including fajitas, enchiladas, and chili con queso. All dishes are made fresh to order and delivered right to your event. 

  • The fajitas are cooked to perfection and served with sizzling onions and peppers. 
  • The top-shelf fajita enchiladas are smothered in a rich and flavorful ranchera sauce. 
  • And of course, you can’t go without trying their famous chili con queso!

A Modern Twist to Mexican Cuisine: Cantina Laredo

if you’re looking for a more upscale Cinco de Mayo catering experience, Cantina Laredo is a great choice. They offer a modern twist on classic dishes, using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients.

Some of the standout dishes at Cantina Laredo include their top-shelf guacamole, Camaron Poblano Asada, and pescado tacos. 

  • The top-shelf guacamole is a must-try, as it’s prepared fresh with your choice of ingredients. 
  • The Camaron Poblano Asada is a Cantina Laredo signature dish, with a shrimp, mushroom, and Jack cheese stuffed poblano pepper wrapped with a fire-charred skirt steak with chimichurri sauce. 
  • The pescado tacos are bursting with flavor, with perfectly cooked Mahi-Mahi and topped with a mango-pineapple pico de gallo.

Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large event, El Chico Cafe and Cantina Laredo will impress your guests with their delicious food and excellent service. Let us take care of the catering for your Cinco de Mayo festivities! With Cater Dallas’ expertise in Mexican cuisine and passion for excellent food, you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable event.